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Scott Schwab for Secretary of State


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Scott Schwab

Trusted Results

Scott Schwab grew up in Great Bend, Kansas and graduated from Fort Hays State University. His career has taken him from a small business owner in the insurance industry to a National Sales Trainer for a Fortune 50 company in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the Kansas House of Representatives, Scott has worked to bring local control and dollars to our area schools while also supporting free enterprise to strengthen our economy. Scott also championed several key pieces of legislation while in the House, safeguarding Kansas elections and the voting process.

His policy career brought him to serve on Health and Human Services, Insurance, Taxation, Commerce & Economic Development, Aging & Long Term Care, and Appropriations committees. He has held several leadership positions including Chairman of the House Elections Committee (4 years), House Insurance & Financial Institutions Committee (3 years), and currently serves as Speaker Pro Tempore.

Scott and his wife, Michele, reside in Olathe with their children.


I love Kansas. From growing up in Great Bend, hunting the fields by Garden City, my college career at Fort Hays State, to raising my family in Olathe: this state has been very good to us. We have spent the last decade and a half serving this state so our kids will want to spend their lives here as well. So, for everyone who calls Kansas home, I am running for Secretary of State. The Legislature has made major policy changes to protect our elections. Now we need to utilize those tools to ensure our elections are run with excellence. This way, for generations, they will know our results can be trusted.


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Kansas has undergone several important election policy changes in recent years. This includes Voter ID, Proof of Citizenship requirements, and moving of local elections to the fall with a longer cycle between the primary and general elections.  Now, as Secretary of State, it is incumbent to be excellent in the execution of that policy.


From our county clerks to our volunteer election workers, we have some of the best people working on our elections. As Secretary of State, we want to make sure they are getting the volunteers, training, and technology they need to do their jobs in the most efficient manner.


People and pundits often complain about outside “influences” in elections. The Kansas Legislature has taken large steps to protect our elections in Kansas. As Secretary of State, we will leverage that policy to make sure the results are true. The result may not be liked, but it will be a result everyone can trust in.

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